Warmachine 40,000

Thank you, India.

Thanks to some hot input from Dais over on DakkaDakka, I have some great ideas for continued improvement.

I’m definitely going to have to run analytics on force composition. It does look like we’re over on many of the limitations and caps inherent or otherwise implied in the WarMachine / Hoards system.

Fluff it up
Then Dial it in
Repeat to perfection

Getting the Word Out

OK … looking for feedback like an attention starved cheerleader (edit: Ethel in that outfit would not be pretty!). I’ve left posts all over the net. I know that early and shameless self promotion only leads to a CEO position, but I gotta try to get some EXCITMENT going! I even created a poll to drive traffic, stir interest, gouge for feed-back, and of course BOM my email addy.

Privateer Press forums
Dakka Dakka

I tried miniwargaming but the forum doesn’t like me, right now.


(Edit: Your Lord Governor decrees that hyperlinks are most grand.)

The Project Proceeds

Somehow Lord Rueben was elected Governor. But, his first official act here was to set-up a very nice framework and banner. After kicking off on the details of how to use OP we dove into the guts of a conversion plan.

I’ve laid out phases (below) and our Lord Governor has offered some very interesting points for consideration. That being said, the first push here on OP will be data entry, yay!

Stay tuned for details … lots of details!

1.) Base stat conversion
2.) Attributes and qualities – models and weapons
3.) Stat modification to meet fluff, flavor, and gaps in attributes and qualities from 40k
4.) Crafting WarCasters / WarLocks
5.) Theme armies (Tier lists) to meet force variants in 40k
6.) Cards



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