Warmachine 40,000


Thank you, India.

Thanks to some hot input from Dais over on DakkaDakka, I have some great ideas for continued improvement.

I’m definitely going to have to run analytics on force composition. It does look like we’re over on many of the limitations and caps inherent or otherwise implied in the WarMachine / Hoards system.

Fluff it up
Then Dial it in
Repeat to perfection


Some rousing conversation and idea brewing over on the Privateer forums.



And the poll on DakkaDakka is doing well!


From Dais on DakkaDakka:

From: Dais
To: EthelCombat
Date: 2011/07/18 07:26:35
Subject: Re:Thanks for the Feedback
I just took a look at the page again and I thought of a few questions that might be worth asking as you balance/recreate each army.

What are this factions strengths and weaknesses? In it’s own mind what are it’s strengths and weaknesses?
What are this armies themes visually, in gameplay, and in the 40k lore? Is it skewed so heavily in one direction it could cause imbalance?
Will this army be true to the rules, or true to the fluff?
Who will be the warcasters/locks and what will be the warbeasts/jacks? Are there enough or too many of each?
How will wargear and weapon options be handled in this army? Are there any circumstances where we cannot follow precedent?
How does this faction think? what would they do in certain situations? in what situations would their behavior differ from the norm?
Are there any aspects of this army or models in the army that cannot be compromised without damaging their identity?

Right now I’m seeing a lack of beasts and jacks all around. Are there any plans to address this?
As a general guideline most real jacks only have a def+arm of 30 or less with characters getting +1 or +2. It doesn’t bother me too much to see models go above this, but they need to be lacking elsewhere if they are such defensive bricks.

Looking at the lists I had a few particular ideas.
1:phoenix lords might be better suited as character UAs 2: the list is pretty starved for jacks. it might be worthwhile to change wraithguard into lights or lessers, possibly even warlocks and shadowseers too. 3: A shining spear might make a better cav solo or dragoon since guardian jetbikes are already in the army. 4: should their battle engine be a falcon or fire prism?
1: opposite problem of most factions -they have too many beasts. they might need a few large/medium based solos instead of a few beasts to balance things out, at least to help fury management. 2: surely a trygon/mawloc is a battle engine like most vehicles will be 3: I’m seeing some very VERY high statlines here, why are these guys not good in 40k again? Some adjustments need to be made but at least they aren’t starved for beasts.
1: why is ghazkull small based? I almost think he could go up to large. 2: Grots are pretty worthless as troops. maybe have them as universal weapon attachments like souless escorts? let them grant one reroll or something generic in exchange for them being removed from play. 3: guys like burna boys, lootas, and flash gits all have a ‘weapon attachment feel to me, but I haven’t played in years so I might be off. 4: what’s their signature vehicle these days? they need a good battle engine.
Imperial Guard
1: They are in such a desperate need of heavies I would almost say platoons could somehow represent heavies. 2: such a long list of characters and such wimpy basic troops make me think they could operate a lot like privateer mercenaries. 3: Very tough army to get the feel right on, they might need new game mechanics to get right. 4: again guard are oddballs, they will need multiple battle engines to be characterful. At least a leman russ and basilisk.
1: These guys actually look easier to get balanced than the rest. change obliterators and possessed into lights, shift around a few models to be attachments, and balance the stats, and your well on your way. 2: defiler, much like the trygon, is probably just too big to operate as a jack or beast, but would make an ideal signature battle engine.
Necrons: 1: enough mechanical stuff to get a good amount of jacks. Spyder should probably be a heavy if he’s large based. Wraiths and immortals or pariahs could be the new lights. destroyer lord could possibly be a heavy or caster. 2: probably best to wait on the new codex before much work is put in here, I’ve read rumors that it might move the c’tan to heavies rather than casters. 3: monolith would be the obvious choice for battle engine.
Vanilla marines
1: Too many casters. Some of those guys will need to step down and become character UAs altering their one unit to their chapter. 2: tachmarines or terminators could be lights, but I’d hate to waste the jack marshal/mechanic that could be a techmarine. 3: This army is obviously he most important one to get just right. there are more marine players out there than the other armies combined and they all have their own thoughts of how marines feel. 4: other marine offshoot chapters probably need to wait until these guys are done before they see much development. 4: The normal land raider would make the most ideal battle engine, crusader can be saved for templars, redeemer for dark angels, and baal predator for blood angels.


New thread in a better view.



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